Astronomical tour

In a place with no light pollution, we would be delighted with the beauty of the desert skies. Our idea is to allow our visitors, with no previous knowledge, to orient themselves in the sky and having basic concepts about astronomy, observing through our equipment.

Beginning of the tour

A brief examination of the sky at naked eye with the assistance of a laser pointer, in order to recognize remarkable thing like stars, constellations and reference points.

Observing through telescopes

We will observe through telescopes different objects, depending on the season, like: planets, nebulae, star clusters, galaxies, binary systems and giant stars.

End of the tour + gift

Additionally, we talk about greek cosmovision (constellations, ecliptic,etc.) and the andean cosmovision ( Milky way, dark constellations, etc.) tour finishes with astrophotography as a gift of our experience.

Regular service includes:

English and Spanish guides.

Transport – from San pedro’s downtown

Hot beverage and an aperitif

free astrophotography.

General conditions:

Minimum: 2 people.

Length: 2 hours

Schedules are different depending the seasons.

The service would apply with at least the minimum of visitors booked

The tour is subject to climatic conditions (clouds, rain,etc.)

Due climatic conditions, schedules may be changed with no further notice.

If we cancel the tour due climatic conditions, we refund the 100% of the booking.

No show and cancellation policies.

Cancellations with 72 hours in advance will be free of charge.

Cancellations within the 24 hours of the beginning of the service will be considered no show.


We will not accept, people under the influence of alcohol.

It is forbidden to bring alcohol into the place we make the service.

General tips:

we highly recommend to wear warm clothes during the whole year, on the desert, nights are normally very cold.


The private service is focused on small groups, bussiness groups, families, college groups,etc.

This tour also, includes special snacks prepared for this activitiy.

Of course, we are open to hear any suggestion that could be asked.


With this service we rent our place with very good conditions of observation, telescopes, and our photography equipment plus the assistance of a guide that can help you in case that you don’t know how to use the equipment.

Following equipment are available:




Digital camera.

The fee for this service is per hour, the schedules must be set before it begins.

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