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Atacama Universe

An unique experience.

We are a tourism agency from San Pedro de Atacama that seeks to share with every visitor the wonders that this place offers. From the top of a volcano, passing for salt flats, lagoons, valleys and one of the clearest skies worldwide for astronomical observation. This place is a touristic wonder and also an ancient place with deep connection with its own energy.

We are two astronomy amateurs that cross paths in San Pedro, we used to make observation and some photos.

Gradually what begun as a hobby became our work. Currently we have 4 years of experience.

Our mission is delivering sustainable tourism on the quality of service and the commitment with the ones that choose us. we effort on a daily basis in order to improve and make your vacation an unique experience.





The sky from San Pedro de Atacama.

San pedro de Atacama is the driest desert in the world, it has one of the clearest skies in the world for the astronomical observation. we can seek like our ancients did with alkmost no light pollution.

Our passion is to share the great wonders that astronomy has discovered regarding the behavior of the universe, and we also add the way that ancient cultures interpreted the marvels observable every night. Our focus aims to Greek cosmovision which is practically the universal one, and also the cosmovision from the ancient andean cultures where it reflected they spiritual life. Yatiris and Amautas (wise people from andean culture) they keep till nowadays their traditions regarding the motion of the stars.

Our office

Here is where you coulld depart and travel to inimaginable places.

Vast places

The silence that you where looking for at your fingertips.

Technology and equipment of 1st generation.

We keep our equipment very sharp and also we are always seeking for new tools in order to optimize the observation.

Would you like to make a private tour?

We have customized plans, just contact us and we will deliver all the information that you need.


“it was a wonderful evening and the Pisco sours and nibbles came as a welcome surprise. Blankets provided for everyone in case they were cold but it was a warm evening. the stars and the information shared were wonderful”

Joylina Goodings

“Amazing tour! :)”

Mariana feital

“The whole idea of going into the desert and looking up at the sky was absolutely wonderful specially when we were able to see saturn and mercury. the boys that where helping us were wonderful they help me so much beacuse i don’t move very well. thank you for that. they helped me with the little ladder so i could see through the telescope, thank you “

Robina Tower

Our team

Agustin Jara


Cristian Carvajal


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