Come to learn about the universe with us!

Enjoy a unique experience

“We are the way for the universe to know itself”

Carl Sagan

Travel with us at thousands light years away!

You will never see the stars in the same way .


About us

We are a tourism agency from San Pedro de Atacama that seeks to share with every visitor the wonders that this place offers.

From the top of a volcano, passing for salt flats, lagoons, valleys, and one of the clearest skies worldwide for the astronomical observation. this place is a touristic wonder, and also an ancient place with a deep connection with its own energy.


Our speciality is astronomy, we have many formats. Ask for specialized services and group discounts.

Regular service

in a place with no light pollution, we would be delighted with the beauty of the desert skies…

Private service

The private service is focused in small groups, bussiness groups, families,etc.

Equipment rental

In this service we rent our place with good capacity of observation plus telescopes and equipment.

Astrophotography / download your photo

As a gift of our expericence, we share digitally the pictures taken on the tours, you can get them just clicking this bottom.

Last updates

Don´t miss our astronomical articules!

Un monstruo cósmico alimentándose 

Una nueva tensión cósmica: puede que la materia no se aglomere en el universo como se creía 

Nebulosa de la tarantula 









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Volcan Socompa 167, Ayllu de Solor, San Pedro de Atacama, Antofagasta.

Opening hours:

Monday to sunday de 9:00am to 07:00pm.

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